Here's How & Why

Basic Information

Mapes Benjamin Real Estate Auction Co. LLC. can advertise and sell your property in as little as 30 days

Add another 30 – 45 days for a normal closing and it’s done.

Our auctions are non-contingent, not subject to inspections, mortgage approvals and a million and one other situations to slow down or deep six your sale. All you must provide is a salable title, deed or Abstract.

Mapes Benjamin charges you, the seller, no commission.  Our only charge to you is a flat fee for advertising and promotion.

We would be happy to discuss your needs and timetable to determine if the Auction method is right for you.

Some Factors 

These are a few factors which contribute to a successful Auction:

Location and condition of your property.

Market Conditions

Making your property as attractive as possible to potential buyers

Contacting an attorney to make sure you have all the necessary paperwork in place to insure the closing is a smooth process.

Realistic Price Expectations

Working with experienced broker/auctioneers to develop and implement a proven advertising plan.

Types of Auctions

An UNRESERVED or ABSOLUTE AUCTION.  This is method is chosen by most of our clients.  This assures a sale on a set date to work with your schedule. 

An Auction WITH RESERVE. This method allows you to set a Confidential Minimum Price under which you do not have to sell. 

Mapes Benjamin can discuss the pros and cons of each type and decide which is right for your situation.

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Some Of Our Clients
  • United States Small Business Administration
  • United States Bankruptcy Courts
  • Lending Institutions
  • Corporations
  • Municipalities
  • Insurance Companies
  • Private Individuals
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